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Created and written by Grant Hampshire

The Asura are an ancient race of biomechanical beings that used to reside upon planet earth. Telling an Asura apart from a normal human is incredibly difficult. The key way to tell a human and an Asura apart when they are not using their peculiar skill set is by looking at the color of their eyes. For instance, unlike humans, An Asura's eyes can range from gold, to blue, to purple and almost any other color you can think of.

The thing that makes Asura, biomechanical is the fact that despite the appearance of them outside, inside, they are very different indeed. Where a human consists of basic things like veins, flesh, bone and muscle, Asura are made from, metal entwined with these things and various panels AKA Vents. The metal in Asura bodies is odd, odd in the sense that there are only specific areas where the metal resides. In some Asura, only the arms or legs are biomechanical. In some, the eyes head and hands. Any part of an Asura can be biomechanical. But like any machine. They can be broken.

Unlike the human bone, when an Asura has a broken part of them that has biomechanical parts. That body part is broken for extended periods of time. For instance, every part of an Asura that has biomechanical elements also has parts called Vents. Vents are used for many different things. Absorbing energy from the air. Converting energy into a condensed form. Boosting an Asura forward like a rocket. And many more things. If these vents become broken, then instead of healing it will stay broken after healing. For instance a Vent will heal, but from the point after healing the vent must be manually opened.

If an Asura has an arm or leg broken, said limb will repair over time like any human bone, but the time taken for an Asura limb and a Human bone to heal, differs greatly. A human bone can take almost weeks or sometimes months to heal. An Asura part can take as short as 24 hours, or as long as 5 days.

When closed Vents look just like human skin, they even feel like it, yet when opened they release an immense amount of pressured air, for instance, an Asura shoulder and a Human shoulder look the same, except when an Asura opens it's shoulders Vents. The shoulder will open up on pistons in multiple ways and release air, The Asura shoulder while open looks barely like a human one, if it was not for the skin on the outer Vent, then the shoulder while in vent mode will be completely different.

It should be noted that a male and female Asura look exactly like a male and female human. There are no noticeable differences besides the peculiar eye colors.

Moving on to the abilities of an Asura, Asura have enhanced strength, speed, stamina and senses. Besides this Asura also have the power to control energy based upon the elements of the Omni-verse. Emotion, nature and destiny. Of course, the elements of nature include wind, fire, water, earth and the others. But the elements of emotion are things like happiness, sadness, anger and other emotions we feel.  The elements of destiny are unknown at this time. However they have been noted to have been recorded by Asura.

The way Asura use these elements is through the Vents that were mentioned previously, by pulling those very elements out of the area around them, Asura can create powerful attacks and other things. Obviously fire and water become fire and water energy, all other elements of nature are easily determined as well. However the elements of emotion are much harder to figure out. Sadness becomes a blue flowing energy that is cold, Anger becomes a blazing energy that is red-hot. Calmness is a wind like energy that is golden. For other emotions the energy varies from calm energy with immense heat, to blazing energy with a cold air.

Asura can use the energy they gather in almost limitless ways, limitless as they are always limited by where there biomechanical parts are. An Asura with parts only in his legs cannot generate energy in his arms for example. Some of the ways that Asura can use this energy are fighting, flying, healing and sometimes even becoming more intelligent. Of course, this is only a few ways in which Asura can use this energy.

Last of all Asura have one last power, Meta-morphing. Meta-morphing is where an Asura will change into it's alpha, beta or omega state, the appearance of these states varies greatly.

Alpha Asura's usually have enhanced parts, this means that if an Asura had biomechanical parts in his arms, his arms would become larger and more armored like, no longer looking human, now looking more machine. The arms would become stronger and more efficient, no longer needing to rely on vents to generate energy.

Beta Asura's are more defensive then offensive, while keeping the enhanced parts from before the rest of the Asura becomes armored and covered in tribal markings. Beta Asura's greatly vary in appearance, from reptile-like primal armor, to awe inspiring angel like armor. This armor usually reflects the Asura's soul.  In beta form the Asura's strength raises again and now it's other powers reflect its soul.

Omega Asura's, it is unknown what exactly an omega Asura looks like, but it is assumed that they are incredibly powerful even more so then a beta Asura. The powers that the omega Asura can bestow are also unknown.

The only other thing to know about the Asura is that there are barely any left; it is almost completely unheard of for two Asura to cross paths. In fact, some Asura now believe they are the last of their race.
The entire idea for my race I invented, down on paper...Well, text anyway :]
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