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The young hedgehog begins jumping from rooftop to rooftop. His hair still blowing wildly in the wind, his eyes set upon one thing. His mission. He continues to jump, the roofs below him, acting as a road to his destination. He glares downward and stops suddenly, His focus on one thing. He kneels down and places a hand over his brow to assist his vision. "Alright…what have we got here?" He stares at a doorway to a warehouse, there are three men stood outside, all wearing the same thing . A black helmet with a yellow visor, they are all wearing the same black army uniform, with an assault rifle slung across their backs. "Silva wasn't kidding, these guys have got guns…" He looks around for a vantage point. "Sev!" One of the men shouts to another. "What is it Relius?" The man turns to face the other. "I heard you're wife's pregnant, congratulations!" The other man rubs the back of his neck standing casually. "Awh, thanks man, you know, I'm really proud of her, hell she puts up with me, now she's carrying my kid!" The two men laugh and then stop as the one called Relius turns around. "Hey, where did Carl go?" The other one of them has gone. Not a trace of him is left. "Carl!" Sev shouts. "This isn't funny! Where are you?" He looks around. "Ah, forget him man, He probably went to go get a drink or some shit…" Relius places a hand on Sev's shoulder to calm him.

"ARGH!" An earsplitting cry echoes through the empty night. "Fuck!" Relius shouts. "Carl? Is that you?" He looks into a shadowy corner where someone stands. The young hedgehog steps out of the darkness his hands bloodied. "Look I'm really sorry, he tried to shoot me I had to stop him…" The regret in the young hedgehog's voice is sincere. "You…YOU BASTARD!" Relius shouts pulling his assault rifle off his back and fires it, the dust from the area clouds his vision and when he finally stops the dust is too thick to see the area where the young hedgehog stood. Relius let's out a long sigh as Sev steps back horrified. Relius looks concerned at Sev. "What?" He pauses. "What's wrong?" there's an eerie silence as speechless, Sev points behind Relius. "That…Hurt…" The dust clears revealing the young hedgehog, his trench coat torn up from the bullets, yet not a single scratch on him. "Wha!? But I…I shot you!" Relius retracts dropping his rifle, horrified. "I'm really sorry about this…" A peculiar red energy surrounds the young hedgehog and his gaze focuses.

The red energy explodes with ferocity and forms a blazing aura around the young hedgehog. "RELIUS!" Sev shouts out to him, but it's too late. The young hedgehog slashes with his hand and a wave of burning red energy soars towards Relius. "Se-" Relius is sliced in half diagonally across, as half his torso flies away from the rest off his body, his head slams against a wall smashing his helmets visor. "Rest in peace…" The young hedgehog's aura evaporates. "YOU KILLED RELIUS, YOU KILLED CARL!" Sev shouts at the young hedgehog. "Please don't try to stop me, leave while you can, I've already killed you're friends, don't make me kill you…." The young hedgehog's  face focuses, ferociously. Sev stands shocked… he is no longer sure what to do, this hedgehog had just killed his friends and now he is telling him to leave before he kills him. In an instant, Sev drops his gun and runs, he keeps running through the night until he gets to his home. From that night on. Sev never picks up a gun ever again.

The young hedgehog presses a button on the device on his head. "Silva…the guards outside are taken care of…" He looks down regretfully. "Neuro… I know how much you want to stop this, but until we have what we need-" Neuro cuts into Silva's sentence. "GODAMNIT I GET IT SILVA!" There is silence before the voice speaks again. "I'm on my way…" Neuro sits down and sighs. How long? How long has it been since his hands have been clean? The innocent men he has killed, just because they chose the wrong place to get a job. He sit's and waits for Silva to arrive, while  holding his head in his hands.

"Neuro…" The darkness is disturbed by a lone voice. "NEURO!" Neuro awakens by the loud calling of his name. "Uh!? What!?" He looks around for a while then looks up as another hedgehog stands in front of him. "Did you forget, we have work to do" The new hedgehog has Grey hair, similar to Neuro's but with spikes in the front and much shorter. He is wearing white gloves, a deep red jacket over a black shirt. His jeans are the same as Neuro's but a darker blue and clean. He wears the same type of boot as Neuro but in a shoe form. His blue eyes look down to Neuro.  "Sorry Silva, I fell asleep waiting for you…" Neuro says ashamed of himself. "I know I just woke you up…" Silva looks disapprovingly down at him putting his hand out. Neuro grabs it as Silva helps him up. "Did you find a good entrance point?" Silva asks. "Of course, we're standing right next to it!" Neuro proudly points to the door grinning. Silva walks behind Neuro, then proceeds to hit him in the back of the head. "AH, OW, WHAT THE HELL MAN!?" Neuro exclaims throwing his hands out. "You're idea is to just WALTZ in through the front door!?" Silva angrily waves at Neuro.
Episode Two; Not the past, not the present, but the future, cos' we can
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